Did you have a merry little Christmas? And now new year is coming closer!

2015 was a snap for me, and I am totally grateful for that. One time it was January and now it is December 31st already. It feels really quick since I juggled between many things, and I kinda hope the juggling will happen in 2016 too.

2015, I learned about patience the hardest way. I am a high-pace person. I almost can't tolerate slowness and I almost never chill too (which is why I do not fall in love with Yogyakarta. Don't get me wrong: I like Yogyakarta, but time feels slow there haha).  I love Jakarta and its high-pace life. But since the end of 2014 and throughout 2015, I got to learn to be patient. And as I said, the hardest way. Not to be demanding, not to be loud, but wait and appreciate every steps. In short, learn to appreciate process, and not being result-oriented.

For 2016, I do not have any big decision yet; which is different from last year when I decided to continue my school. I still need to study for another year to be graduated. The schedule has not been published yet, but I heard it is going to be crazy since the subjects are going to be deed-making! The grand plans of 2016 are keeping my grade good, getting a thesis topic by the end of June, then complete the thesis by December. Finger crossed!

And I still need to continue my learning of being patient, too. Wish me luck! ;)

Happy new year, readers!