My enthusiasm in public transportation never gets lower. Many people can say that public transportation is not safe and is not comfortable; some means like to ngetem too. When I was in a very young age, I was introduced to Jakarta's public transportation: bajaj, mikrolet, and big bus. And I can say, it has made me never afraid to take public transportation. Yes, it is not always safe (I once lost my cellphone in angkot) and yes, it is not always comfortable (you can read my story being a mannequin of kenek bus here). But it is totally fun. It makes me have a different story in every single day. Sometimes it exhausts me, sometimes I get very lucky I am very grateful, sometimes I learn new lesson from other people in the bus.

You name it: airplane (big one and ATR one), Commuterline train, ship, Kopaja, Metromini, angkot, mikrolet, Patas AC, Transjakarta; I had it. :)) Lately, there have been new things in public transportation sector; let's say it as Tourism Transportation. In Jakarta, they got City Tour Jakarta Bus. Took it first time last year, and recently I hop on it again just to accomplish my shallow dream: sitting on the top deck's front row of the bus.

Too bad they do not have the tour guides anymore per January 2015

And then I just realized I cannot be that cocky because I have not even tried all public transportation in Indonesia, especially its Tourism Transportation! Central Java, as far as I know, got two. I got starstruck; very enthusiastic to try both!

Semarjawi: Semarang Jalan-Jalan Wisata
Similar to Jakarta City Tour Bus, Semarjawi Bus will bring you to the old part of Semarang city. Its name came from the acronym of 'Semarang Jalan-Jalan Wisata' or 'Semarang Tour'.

Pic from Indohoy, thanks!
Pic from Indohoy, thanks!

An open-air double-decker! Wohooo how cool is that? Not being afraid of the sunshine, I can just put my sunglasses and then wave to the society like I am doing a parade! Hahaha! Okay, forget what I just said, but Semarjawi looks very fun. Its capacity is up to 40 people, and its route is around Semarang Old City (trip takes approximately 40 minutes). Since it is an open-air double-decker, it operates from 6 PM to 8 PM (also from 8 AM to 10 AM on weekends).
And what makes it even better? It has a tour guide explaining all of the attractions that Semarjawi passes through. Also, we can book an online ticket, HERE! I am so enthusiastic I am so gonna book Semarjawi's ticket once I get the chance to visit Semarang.

Werkudara: Solo's Double Decker
The first double-decker as a Tourism Transportation in Indonesia (I assume!). It started to operate in February 2011, as an initiation of Solo's mayor: Joko Widodo (which now is our President).

Pic from here, thanks!

Werkudara will bring us around Solo (or Surakarta) regency. Its ticket costs 20K Rupiahs. It has exact schedule, though: 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM; but it will only operate on those sessions once the passengers reach minimum 20 persons. I am still wondering what Werkudara means, anybody care to tell me? :D

You can read more about Werkudara and its route in Solo's government website: here. Definitely will try Werkudara as well!

Tourism Transportation definitely can be your choice to know a city better, right?

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