"Hey you know what, I think I need a new pair of shoes... Something more formal..."

Well, my office is not that formal in terms of wearing outfit. We do not wear formal work-attire as our work-attire (t-shirt is allowed, hell yeah). Most of the employees wear running shoes to the office. But my current shoes are too ugly since they got stepped on by other shoes in the bus! My other semi-formal shoes (which I left in the office), their glue starting to detach. So yessss... I kinda need formal shoes. :))

So he bought me these (they're a pair, the other shoe just did not appear at the picture)! Found them at Living World in an affordable price. Even though I need shoes, I have not had the budget to buy; my monthly budget went somewhere else... blablabla~ But since we found these and they are actually kinda cute (look at the color!)... I was like ah-should-I-buy-these and he was like f-this-we-finally-found-them-I'm-buying-you-these... We bought them haha!

Because it has been hard finding a good pair of shoes for me. Sometimes it's the color, sometimes it's the size, sometimes it's the materials... We had found a good pair the day before, but it's suede I can't handle it! He was like oh-c'mon-just-wear-them-at-office and I was like but-what-if-I-have-to-go-outside-and-it's-raining? 

Thankfully we found a better pair in a cheaper price. Hihi.
Thank you, you.