Waiting has always been a problem for us, especially when we wait for the boarding time at the airport. Some people spend their waiting-to-board time with sleeping, or eating in lounge/ cafeteria, or simply do the sitting-and-tweeting. I had a different experience on spending my waiting-to-board time at Changi Airport, by visiting their aviation galleries. I kinda like to call this post with "What To Do When You Got Nothing To Do: Changi Airport." :)) So yes, here are some photos of Changi Aviation Gallery.

Singapore's Changi International Airport has two Changi Aviation Gallery. First is located at Terminal 2, entitled Changi Aviation Gallery: On-The-Ground. Second is located at Terminal 3 entitled Changi Aviation Gallery: In-The-Air. Let's just shorten them as CAG.

Changi Aviation Gallery's Ceiling. They appear at both Galleries.

Information Touch Screen. Left: CAG Terminal 3, Right: CAG Terminal 2.

Fun Facts. Location: CAG Terminal 3.

Not only providing some information, videos, or facts, CAGs also provide some fun stuffs to do for kids. At CAG Terminal 2, we can folding paper planes and at CAG Terminal 3 we can do some carvings. :D There was an interactive game, too at CAG Terminal 3. I tried to play that but I found it a little bit hard. Haha.

Too bad they did not provide the paper

Match The Artwork

There are more things in their CAG, but I think those above were the highlights. For me, the CAGs were like museums (in a super cool way), providing information related to Singapore's aviation history or even the aviation history in general. Anyway, both CAGs were very quiet so some people used them as a perfect place to lounge, chill, and have some rest.

Of course, like every aviation gallery, we can watch the planes fly by.

Singapore Airlines, preparing to take off

That was all for now! See you in another what-to-do-when-you-got-nothing-to-do rubric :P I will blog about it if I have inspiration or time, though. :))

- This post is made based on my own experience. I was there on December 2012.
- All photos in this post are mine, so do write some credits if you use them.
- I am not a Singaporean, I made this post just to share my experience. But I really hope airports (esp in Indonesia) can make their aviation galleries better.