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"I've proven everyone that doubted me back then that I am not a good model, I am short. They're all wrong."

OMG I'm like super proud of Gani for winning Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 3! 173 cm is not short for Indonesian; but she was definitely a dwarf compared to other model in the competition. Even Alex Perry had doubted her ability on runway due to her height. She proved him wrong.

I personally think that doubt or skepticism from other people can be a fuel for us to move forward. She was one living proof. I believe there is a lot, out there; including myself. Well, it could be a fuel yet it could drag you down either. It is our decision in the end; to or not to believe in ourselves, in our capability.

For you who think that doubt will just drag you down, hear me. The feeling of proving them wrong is really good. You really think you don't want to try?

"Even I'm too scared to dream of it."

Yes, sometimes that happen. :)) But fear leads you nowhere, no? Let me quote one of Indonesia's super star, Agnez Mo: "Dream, believe, make it happen." Five words that I always give my Amen on.  Obstacles can not stop you from doing what you love. She proves it. Gani proves it.

Nobody doubts you; or you need more fuel? I always do this: having two me debating in head. One give the doubt, one wants to prove the other wrong.

"You won't be able to do it!"
"Really? I'll be stupid if I can't."

And I definitely know that I am not stupid.
So are you.