So, I said good bye to my office colleagues and stuffs. I left my sister's handicraft: stationary boxes and cans, since she said it is okay for me to leave it there. I took this picture at my last minute there, of course after tidying up things hihi. And it took me a resignation to clean up stuffs in my computer. =)) I put some pictures of me and my colleagues in my computer (who does not love Photobooth app in iMac?) so I had to clean it up and moved it to my flashdisk.

I worked here almost 2 years. So there are plenty pictures to share, which is dibuang sayang. Here are some of them!

With Momon and Eja: Legal and Finance rules yuhuu~

With Gimin. He is a very famous office boy in town, lot of people who don't know each other knows him LOL

With Renny the Quirky. Pardon my Maleficent's expression

With Dinda, the illustration extraordinaire.

Some of us have already pursued our next step of career and/or education. Cannot be more proud of them. Chh-eers to them!

PS: I acknowledge that I have not written any significant post this year. Hopefully I can write more, but for writing more I need to read more. I am still managing my time now, I am really looking forward to have more time for reading my pending books. ;)