Pic from Taylor's Tumblr

“Maybe some of you have been through a hard time in your life. For once in your life you probably be misunderstood. Or maybe you feel like it’s raining everyday. You just never see a possibility of getting better. Or maybe you’re really heart broken by someone you never thought will break your heart. Maybe you lost yourself. Maybe you don’t feel special. Maybe you don’t know where you gonna go next. All of that can be really confusing. When you’re feeling those things, I hope you’re reminded that you are not damaged goods. You’re not your mistakes. You’re not the results of things that you’d wish you do better, or you feel you choose the wrong path instead of the right one. You’re not somebody else’s think of you. You are wiser because you make those mistakes. You are someone that ready to take chances. I think that’s so much better than never having a mistake or failure. I think that when we make mistakes, that’s what makes us stronger, over and over again…and make us, clean.” 

- Taylor Swift, on the 1989 World Tour, Tokyo Dome