Happy New Year, All!

There were a lot of things happened in my 2014. One year, twelve months, three hundred and sixty five days. A lot of things did happen. Ups and downs, of course. But in this post, I would like to reminiscence things that I can call as my milestones in 2014.

Thesis defense in January. Graduation day in February: front row (thank God!). Did an internship in a law firm from January to February. And then got my first official job in April! I am a legal staff in an internet and technology company until this moment. I create terms & conditions, privacy policies, and endless agreements. I learn more about intellectual property, brands registration, and learn most about venture capital and start-ups from great mentors. Of course, by getting salaries, I needed to obtain a tax card. My third card after ID Card and Driving License; then followed by insurance card and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan card. 

Yep, I count those cards as a milestone too (it means that I am a grown-up with more responsibilities!). Oh, then I started to invest in mutual funds as well! Still waiting for the time when I can buy a property for myself. Lol.

Best part of my 2014 might be visiting Derawan Islands in March. I fell in love right after reading several blog posts about them in 2013. I immediately said: "I have to go to this place. I surely will." And I nailed it, surely it was heaven on earth. Thinking about coming back here? Totally (when I have more money so I can spend it to have a night at Maratua Paradise).

Another milestone: (finally) had the right to vote for President!

I joined a bunch of quizzes too. Gladly, I won some! A dining voucher from Komunitas Historia Indonesia. A t-shirt from a blogging competition held by Ziliun. I blogged about Intellectual Property Rights, you can read it here.

A Lenovo A-750 Tab from Female Daily and Lenovo ID. It was a blogging workshop and competition, I won the tab by posted this post. Guess what was my first background?

How could I? ;)

Last but definitely not least, I got a free trip to Banyuwangi from KapanLagi Network and Indonesia Tourism Board! Ever heard about the #WonderfulIndonesia campaign? It was part of it! It was unbelievable, I just wrote a 3-days itinerary to Museum La Galigo in Makassar. For this winning, I should thank Momon a lot for letting me know about this competition!

To sum up, I won some quizzes by writing. It has made me more optimistic and confident to write more and to share more and to be a better blogger! Hopefully, I can participate in more quizzes in 2015 (and win it of course! Haha!).

I still have no plan for 2015 other than taking a master degree. Got accepted already (I'm totally back to law school again. Hard to believe, huh?). Wish me luck for this decision! It was an impulsive decision I made in 2014, really. 

Bye, 2014! Hello, 2015!
Please be nice. #eaa

Biggest thanks for Komunitas Historia Indonesia, Zilliun, Lenovo ID, Female Daily, KapanLagi Network, and Indonesia Tourism Board for all the prizes!