August 26th 2010 and February 6th 2014 with Yulita and Ryan,
my science high-schoolmates!

Three and a half years has passed. From cute freshmen to (hopefully) wise fresh graduates! I finally finished my law school and get my first title: Sarjana Hukum or Bachelor of Law. Yulita finished her communication (advertising) study with title Sarjana Sosial and Ryan finished his chemistry engineering study with title Sarjana Teknik! I am so glad we could graduate together and (of course) take pictures together!

Graduated with honor. Thank God!

There were thirteen graduates from my faculty (regular program) who graduated with honor. And I was honored to represent all law graduates. Priceless: stood at the front line, sang Gaudeamus Igitur loudly (and proudly), and saw your Dean were looking at all law graduates and smiled. :')

With Momon, my best competitor and friend :))

I have known her since freshmen year when I was looking for a team-mates for university orientation's tasks and we get along together until now :)) We did internship together at one government body once for one month and it turned out reaaaaally good. We could not stop talking but we always finished the job assigned to us. We never thought that we could make it to the top, but there we were. She was my best competitor and friend: the person whom I could rely on in case I missed taking notes from my lecturers, the person who would discuss the subjects at the night before (and at the second before!) the tests with me. I could talk about academic things easily to her, and so could her. I really thank her for this healthy competition between us, I would not make it if she were not there too. :)

February 8th 2014, thank you Fennyta, Lauren, and Teguh!

Fennyta, Lauren, and Teguh were my science high-schoolmates, too. Teguh studies at my campus too (hopefully he can graduate in August, amen!), but Fennyta and Lauren went to different campus. And they came on my graduation day! Yay! Thanks for the presence and the beautiful flowers!

I just love to jump, remember? :)

So, here I am. Typing these things so I could reminisce these again in the future. I still have no idea of which path that I will choose or what life will show me. But hopefully, bright future lies ahead for all of the graduates.