Well, hello. I just spent hours deciding what to do with my blog's layout. Actually Blogger always gives us an easier way to custom our blog with XML-based layout that they provides. But yeah, an 16 to 18 years old me thought that XML-based layout customization is only for newbies and beginners so I did extra efforts to custom my blog using notepad (typing HTML and CSS). It had been years, since me doing some HTML-based layout for my blog so I kinda forgot those codes. Then... Since I started moving here in December 2012 (I left my previous blog (blogged there on May 2008-August 2012)), I found that I don't have time to think about my blog's layout. So I picked a reddish simple layout that Blogger provided and customized it.

Ha. There I swallow my own saliva. =))
Currently I am bored with this layout, so I browsed some layouts to change this one. Found some awesome layouts here here here and here, but surprisingly I could not do much with those. I could not change the font, the size, the color, and most important thing: the width of the columns (with an easy customization like Blogger provides). How come those XML layouts that I downloaded cannot be customized easily? I tried to read the codes and change them, but I failed. 
Finally, I was fed up and decided to re-upload my reddish simple layouts. So as you see, nothing has changed. :))

But deeply in my heart, I reaaaallllyy want to custom this layout. :'' You know, to make it more "me". Even I have customized this layout, I still feel that it is kinda... mainstream (?); Still looks like a basic template. Does that mean I have to do my old classic way (typing HTML and CSS on notepad) again? Ha, I want an easy customization but with my own personal template. *self-slapping* *things do not come that easy, Lynn* So guys, if you have any solution for me and my blog's layout, just say that on the comment form below okay?

I finished my monkey cross-stitch yesterday! My bf bought it for me spontaneously when we went to a craft-store, then gave me this mission: "Okay, you should make this cross-stitch." His intention was... to make me more feminine. I could not get that, but our mothers can make cross-stitch well; so maybe his intention is relevant. Only girls do cross-stitch, and our mothers can make cross-stitch well--> It is a feminine thing. Hahahaha.

Chose monkey because it is my Chinese zodiac

Yaaaay mission accomplished! M, Bond has done it well. No more mission like this for a while please, your agent's eyes need some rest! :* 
I think I did good, but not as good as my mom always does. My mom does great. I still had mess here and there, not neat enough in the back of the fabric. Here is my excuse: the holes were so tiny that I found it hard to make it quick and neat! :)) *slapped*

Alright, that's the update for now!
See you on the next post. Cheers!