I have known that Rinca Island is one of the touristy places to meet Komodo Dragons, which makes me finally step my feet here. It is still part of Komodo National Park. The most surprising parts: It offers you more than just Dragons. I was in awe of its landscape view.

We can enter Rinca Island from Loh Buaya. Loh means bay, and Buaya actually means crocodile if you translate it literally from Bahasa Indonesia. But in this case, Buaya means the Komodo Dragons; local people named them as Buaya. :)

Male on top

We were lucky to find not one, but two Komodo Dragons here! They were not far from the entrance gate, enjoying themselves in Flirting Phase. June-August is actually the Marriage Time for the Dragons; which in that time, they prefer to do that in the forest. So, again, we were lucky to find them. The ranger told me that they are still in Flirting Phase; the male dragon is actually the alpha male in Rinca and still, it has been struggling to flirt with the female dragon for the past few days. The female was being chased by other male dragons too, but good to know that the alpha male got her. This is because female dragon is very rare here (1:4 compared to the male dragons; due to the temperature). I wonder if it is possible to manipulate the temperature so we can have more female dragons, just like what we do with sea turtles.
And how long are they able to do this flirty position (male on top and rubbing the female)? Hours. =))) "When they are ready to make love, they will go together into the forest," the ranger added. 

We chose the short trekking which has panoramic view. The view? Really breathtaking. I took several jump-shots, but the result in my camera were not that good. So please enjoy the panorama! <3

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