Been a while since my last post, and I have not told everything so far! A friend of mine just got married last September; and I did not even post any story about her bridal shower, eh? It even happened in the end of July! -___-"

The story began when we (the rest of the team, minus her of course), thought whether we should make a bridal shower for her. We actually do not see each other often, so we discussed things through Whatsapp (hail technology and internet connection!). After several talks, we decided that "Ok, let us make one for her!" She is the first one among us! :P 

Then the questions came right away. What will we do? What will we give to her? Where is the venue? When is she free to be invited for this? FYI, she was a doctor-to-be with full schedule of (insert medical things here) and preparation for the national doctor competence examination. One thing for sure, we all agreed not to do something that would kind of embarrassing her, in the first place. Great to have friends like them! I once read or saw pictures when the bride-to-be must - well, in my terms - didandanin norak dan jelek banget. So yeah, big no. We were thinking to do a workshop together but in the end we decided to just make a lunch, celebrate her birthday and also her bride-to-be status. 

We found a mini cafe located in Rawamangun area. Since it was in the afternoon, it was just for the six of us, without any extra requirement for booking the whole place. Chose pink for the decoration, just because. The cafe itself offers a package with the decoration too; so we just needed to buy extra balloon and greeting card.

Yes, it is sort of simple; but we believe she was happy. Congratulations on your wedding and may you live happily ever after, Cindy!