I believe you guys have already known that I am currently in love with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV series (my bf is now speechless about it too since I could not stop fangirling over Phil Coulson and Melinda May relationship). I mean, how could I? Their relationship, their bond, is very strong that I still do not get it why the writers keep their relationship in the middle; between professional and personal! Just set them free, exploring more in personal thing! Just let them be in love! Graa!

Sorry. Actually it is not the reason why I am writing this post. Hahaha. It is still relevant, though. As you (might) know, fans like to create their own stories using the basic story and characters of a book, TV show, or movie. It is called fanfiction. Yesterday I found a very interesting and beautiful fanfic regarding the relationship of Phil and Melinda from S.H.I.E.L.D., here! It would be nice if you read it first, you might not understand the whole story if you do not watch S.H.I.E.L.D.; but still, the fanfic is pretty nice to be compared to our current life.

I want to quote some of the dialogue here:

"We grew up, Phil. We became the SHIELD agents we dreamt of becoming one day, but at the cost of what we could have been if we were not in SHIELD."

Any ouch-es already? :)))

That quote has made me reminiscing my decisions in the past. Life is all about making decisions from choices, right? My friend once said, it is just about the opportunity cost. I decided to get along with my parents suggestion to go to law school. Hated it at first, but realized that I should finish it quick because I do not want to suffer for so long (and of course, because my tuition fee is expensive)... but guess what, I got to learn land law (which I love so much) and got a bf as well (whom I also love so much). My cost? Forgetting all the codes that I have ever learnt in high school! Programming was my thing, beside writing. I wanted to be a programmer or journalist; never once in my life I ever had a thought of becoming lawyer or accountant (surprisingly I signed up for both major and accepted in law school).

Other big decision? Taking job! I could have been a corporate lawyer, or a banker (my mom had suggested me to go to a law firm, which I refused due to several reasons). It is a public secret that corporate lawyers earn more than other profession in law field (it might be the biggest temptation for law graduates; but for the record, they earn that much because they work THAT much). But I decided to take my current job. Turns out, I got to learn new things about startup industries (my current guess: this is going to be the next big thing happened in our country), I still could do some freelance jobs (writing, yay! Remember that I really wanted to be a journalist?), and still got to meet my family by the end of the day (got a chance to teach my sisters math and physics too). And I am pretty happy for those.

So that quote will lead us to this quote:

"But we can not always predict what would happen, can we?"

Say that we picked the other choice; who can guarantee if it will end up that good as we imagined it would be? :)

Yep, none. That is why we do not have to regret the choices we made. There is no such a good or bad decision. The thing that comes after it, that might be good or bad. And no matter how good or bad it was, it has formed us to be who we are today.

Of course, sometimes we would think of this quote:

"...whatever I have, I want it to be with you, not just a partner or a friend but as something we could have been if life had not happened."


Life had thrown me its shit years ago and until now I still have a thought (or hope?) of being something I could have been if life had not happened. But when I look at the other side, I have achieved so many good things as well! And for that, I might have to thank life, no?

We should know that we can not have it all; we can not have perfections. I believe it is not wise to blame the bad situations that had happened, but I hope it is all right to wish for something better in the future. *crossing fingers*