Kopaja/ Metromini? Checked.
Angkot/ mikrolet? Checked.
Patas AC bus? Checked.
Transjakarta busway? Checked.
City Tour Jakarta Bus? Finally checked!


City Tour Jakarta Bus (also known as 'Mpok Siti') is a double-decker tour bus provided by Jakarta Provincial Government so the Jakartans (and the tourists) can do a mini-tour around Jakarta. Currently, there are five buses operating. Best part: each bus has a tour guide explaining the historical background of the landmarks passed by Mpok Siti. Mpok Siti also has about two places inside the bus for people with disabilities (using wheel-chair), so no worries!

To hop on Mpok Siti, we can only wait at the bus stop with this sign:


Operational time: Mon-Sat: 09 AM - 07 PM, Sun: 12 PM - 07 PM (GMT+7)
Bus stops:
- Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (near Pasar Baru Transjakarta Shelter)
- Masjid Istiqlal (near Juanda Station or Juanda Transjakarta Shelter)
- Medan Merdeka Utara (the on-board says it as Monas 1)
- Monumen Nasional (Monas 2)
- Balai Kota (across Balai Kota Transjakarta Shelter)
- Sarinah (exactly in front of Sarinah Building)
- Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (in front of Plaza Indonesia)
- Museum Nasional (it is DIFFERENT with Monas, guys, it is mostly known as Museum Gajah)
- Pecenongan/ Santa Maria (near ANZ Bank)
Important note: On Sundays, certain bus will only stop at certain bus stop, so you will do entire one round of mini-tour. Catch the news on @CityTourJakarta.
Ticket price: FREE.

Please also take note that you are not allowed to stand at this bus, everybody must be seated. You are also not allowed to eat and drink inside the bus. Best view is from the first row on the top deck (I failed to sit there, huft). Enjoy Jakarta! :D

Everybody must be seated

View from the top deck!