Actually I can't believe that my first post in 2016 would be this, but it is totally worth posting.... So here it is!

This morning I was browsing LinkedIn and immediately saw a connection of mine like this video. Two alpha-females: both are former ministers and very experienced in Indonesia economy sector. One word: Braingasm.

They were talking about Transformation of Indonesia Economy. I did not fully understand it since economy and public policy were not my major in university, but they delivered it in a human English so I could understand the big picture. One major thing in the video is about infrastructure. Other thing, it is about ageing challenge. There was only a small talk about it but I notice that immediately.

Ageing will be a challenge for Indonesia in the next ten years (like for China at this moment). It slapped me shortly, since I guess that means... if we, the youth, really learn and struggle today; we can reap what we sow in ten years. Ten years are not long. Let's start working our ass off.